Mediterranean. Mediterranean cuisine. Those who say that Mediterranean Cuisine is a generalisation, are in a big mistake.

Mediterranean Cuisine is all of that offered in the borders of the same regions of the ancient shores of this sea and and based in the same original products they produce: Spain, south of France, Italy, Croacia, Albania, Greece, Turkey and all the north african countries and their unique  olive oil, fresh vegeteables, fruits, pasta, bread, wine products, the mother of the most healthy gastronomy all over the world.
This is Mediterranean Cuisine.

This is Anda Jaleo
Original plates from Spain to Greece, in a mixing of all its mediterranean flavors.
Cooking fresh and healthy  and linked with the most modern cuisine processing techniques developed by our Chef all sorrownded by chill ethnics mediterranean musics and food in an unique sea view environment.
This is our philosophy in Anda Jaleo

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